private bin

The name Private Bin comes from the wine-making world. It refers to the best wine that is kept aside in a Private Bin. This is fitting as we are situated in Hawkes Bay, the winemaking capital of New Zealand.

Price: NZ$649
Laver & Wood's Best Selling Cricket Bat

Our Private Bin bats are made from 20% of our highest specification willow. Many hours of care and attention go into the highly regulated grading system. The bats will all have a minimum of six straight grains and have a balance perfectly suited to your requirements. We take immense pride in making the best possible bats; consequently your comments are very much appreciated. We encourage discussing your chosen bat specification with our team so that the best quality bat is produced. We can make the Private Bin bat in the weight range of 2lb7ozs to 3lbs6ozs.

Please fill in our free bat-sizing form and mention that you are interested in the Private Bin bat in the Additional Comments box.

The blade of the bat can be made up to three inches longer (in absolute extreme circumstances) and the handle up to two inches longer (again not recommended due to extra weight) however the bat cannot exceed a length of 38 inches in total. The blade width can be no more than 4 1/4 inches and has to be made of wood.
Our full size Private Bin Bats are available in the following sizes and styles: Short Handle, Long Handle, Long Blade and can be made within a weight range of 2lb7ozs to 3lbs6ozs.
If you would like the bat to have our Shield style labels (pictured in the Product Photos section) please specify on your custom order form.
Please contact us to begin a discussion regarding the type of bat that will best suit your game.