The Legacy range is our newest "prototype" series of bats.

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The brand new Laver & Wood Legacy model has evolved from many years of bat making history.  The Legacy profile involves new prototype designs that we have developed over an extensive period of time.  Our current model, the Legacy 'Ultra', is a bat that has been generated from very early bats (circa the early 1800s) that looked more club-like!

The sweet spot is extremely low on the Legacy 'Ultra' and effectively as low as one can possibly get in a bat.  As there is a high spine through the whole blade, a larger sweet spot is also generated the more the bat is used. The willow used for the Legacy 'Ultra' is graded on performance and is selected from about 80% of the finest willow that we import into New Zealand. For the Legacy clefts, we are not purely searching for the best looking willow but simply for the clefts that hit the ball the furthest.

If power is what you are looking for then the Legacy is likely to be the bat for you. It is ideally suited to low bouncing wickets and wickets with unpredictable bounce. The pickup is amazingly good for a bat that has so much wood low down and so also works well on the artificial pitches where the bats get a lot of wear in the toe area.

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I received the meat axe the other day. WOW!!! has that got some meat behind it!!!! I used it on Tuesday and Thursday at training and it was fantastic!! It has got one of the best middles on a bat I've ever owned. A couple of the boys used it and they couldn't believe the balance and pickup for such a huge bat.
It's an absolute cracker of a bat mate. Once again thanks very much for excellent service, communication and a top grade bat.

An average weight for the Legacy bat would be in the region of 2lbs 12ozs. At this weight the profile of the bat is huge and gives one an advantage by having a huge spine running down almost the entire blade. We can make the Legacy bat in the weight range of 2lb 8ozs to 3lbs 6ozs.

The blade of the bat can be made up to three inches longer (in absolute extreme circumstances) and the handle up to two inches longer (again not recommended due to extra weight) however the bat cannot exceed a length of 38 inches in total. The blade width can be no more than 4 1/4 inches and has to be made of wood.

Our Legacy bats are a new addition to both our range, and the entire cricketing world!  Why not be one of the first to give this profile a go?  We have a feeling that it will prove to be very popular in the coming years!

Our full size Legacy Bats are available in the following sizes and styles: Short Handle, Long Handle, Long Blade and can be made within a weight range of 2lb 8ozs to 3lbs 6ozs.

Please contact us to begin a discussion regarding the type of bat that will best suit your game.