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We at Laver & Wood are proud to display our bats in action. Please send in your photos with your name, date and location details. We appreciate your loyalty to our products and that is motivation enough for us to keep pushing the bar in terms of top quality hand crafted cricket bats and cricket equipment.

Aimee Watkins: 121 Taranaki CC Manawatu CC NZ Domesict Competition NZ
Aimee Watkins: 188 Lancashire CCC Devon CCC English County Championship NZ
Craig Findlay: 143* Hawke's Bay Horowhenua Hawke Cup NZ
Craig Findlay: 116* Napier Tech Napier Marist Hawke's Bay Premier Comp NZ

These comments come from Laver & Wood bat users. Some of the owners of our bats like them so much they have emailed  to confirm that our bats are the best they have ever used.
If you have a Laver & Wood bat, like it and wish to tell others how much, please email James with your comments that can appear on this page.

Hi James & Andy, Received my bat couple of weeks back, used the bat in the nets yesterday. To be honest, I am amazed with the weight, balance and pick up. Now after my 1st practice, I don't care really about the aesthetics anymore. I believe the bat is going to get better through this season. Awesome job guys. Even though we play in a league of low standards here in USA, I am excited to let everyone know that renowned bat maker(James) made my bat. After buying bats from so many retailers, all I have seen is that, they want to sell you a bat and make quick buck rather than providing service. Before buying bat, they will answer all your questions, once you buy it, they wont have time to even talk to you. Will update you guys know once I start scoring this season.

In the past fifteen years I have used bats from most of the major cricket manufacturers. As a gear junky I have had a lot of bats and spent a fair bit of time looking at different bats. I selected a Laver & Wood Private Bin bat based on my desire to finally have a bat that was shaped to match my style. The results have been incredible. I am middling the ball with almost all of my shots - many fewer miss hits than with other bats where the weight distribution and middle have not been made for my style. The way the ball comes off my Laver & Wood Private Bin is so impressive compared to all the other bats I have used makes me seriously consider the rumor that the major bat manufacturers keep the best willow for their top players and the English market. I strongly recommend having a bat made for your needs, and that you are very careful with your selection of willow - the ball is certainly leaving my Laver & Wood bat a lot faster and going a lot further than with previous bats.
Craig Thomas
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Hi James

My girlfriend surprised me with a Laver and Wood bat for Christmas.  I can unreservedly say that it is the best bat I have ever used let alone owned!
The balance and pick up is surreal for a bat with such a massive profile.  It should be much heavier than what it is...!  I have now played two games with it since Xmas and have not been dismissed yet!  The highlight so far has been a massive six that I hit last went way over the boundary and through a second storey window in a nearby university building!  Considering a bat usually gets better with play...I'm really looking forward to the coming months!
Thanks so much for all your help – My girlfriend said that you were a pleasure to deal with.  In fact my father who is an OSH inspector in Napier has been thoroughly impressed with your operation also - I think you have met him before.
I hope this email will make your feedback page.
Kind Regards
James Robinson, NZ

Good Morning,

Thought you might like an update.
The bat arrived safe and sound on Saturday morning and went into action later that afternoon. My son maintains it felt as good as ever and was delighted with the appearance and performance.
To the spectators on the boundary, the huge six over the 65 metre midwicket boundary, together with the 10 boundaries, is probably as good a testament as you need.
Must be an omen as they were part of his first ever century in Poverty Bay cricket.
Thanks once again for your prompt and efficient service.
Kim, NZ.

Dear James, I received the bat on Saturday morning and was really pleased with the bat you produced for me. It is perfect in every way and it is the nicest piece of willow I have ever owned. I used the bat on Saturday after about half an hour extra knocking in and the first shot i played with the bat was an on drive for four runs. I couldn't believe it. Great! I ended up on 38 and on Sunday i used it again and scored 69 so all up it is a great bat. Thank you very much once again and I have recommended the bat to every one I know.
Regards Jeremy (NZ)

Hi James
Just letting you know that I bought one of your bats last week through a friend at Stirling Sports in Wellington. Not sure if you remember it, but it was a harrow 2 pound 4 with a middle sweet spot and "NK" branded on the back.
Anyway, it's exactly what I was after - I've just finished breaking it in, and am totally looking forward to having a crack with it on Saturday.
It's beautifully weighted and the willow looks superb. Greg's busy putting a protective face on it, and covering the toe up, then it's all go...
Thanks again,

Dear Mr Laver,
I am writing to tell you I used my new bat today for the first time works !! I scored 89 runs and I got 14 fours and 2 sixes and it felt so sweet.
The only problem is though.........can you make a bat that doesn't get me caught out on the boundary because that's what happened ?? !!
If it wasn't caught I would have got another 6....... I am very impressed with the bat and will look forward to using it all season.. You have a customer for life.
I thought you would want to know how my bat is going.
Thanks very much..........
Paul Lyttle form Masterton(NZ).