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"Dear James, I received the bat on Saturday morning and was really pleased with the bat you produced for me. It is perfect in every way and it is the nicest piece of willow I have ever owned." - Jeremy (NZ)

Our top selling L&W Reserve


"I am writing to tell you I used my new bat today for the first time works !! I scored 89 runs and I got 14 fours and 2 sixes and it felt so sweet." - Paul

Enjoy our pre-made Special Offers

"I selected a Laver & Wood Private Bin bat based on my desire to finally have a bat that was shaped to match my style. The results have been incredible. I am middling the ball with almost all of my shots!" - Craig

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Our top selling L&W Reserve bat

Enjoy our pre-made Special Offers

Read about our new C-Ten Handle

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Read about our new C-Ten Handle

Our top selling L&W Reserve bat

Enjoy our pre-made Special Offers


“James has become a world leader by staying true to his values, with a traditional approach to bat sculpting coupled with a never ending desire to establish ground breaking concepts”
Laver & Wood custom makes bats to cricketers’ specifications. We aim to make you the best bat you have ever used, listening carefully to what you want from your bat and helping you decide what will work best for you.

We hand make all our bats, and almost all our bats are made to customers specifications. We can alter the length of the blade, the weight of the blade, the length of the handle, and the shape of the handle. We hand grade our willow so can usually find a cleft with the number of grains or the look that you require.

By hand making bats we can make the bat you want, shape of the blade, having thick edges, scalloped blades or a traditional shape. We can position the middle for the kind of conditions you play in. Fast bouncy pitches where runs come from flat bat shots need light bats with a high middle as scoring shots come from generating bat speed.

Low bouncing pitches need heavier bats with lower middles. Bat speed is not as important as getting value for shots, so a slightly heavier bat is recommended. Most of the bats we send to the United Kingdom and the United States have low middles, while the bats we send to Australia usually have slightly higher middles.

At Laver & Wood we pride ourselves on getting the right bat for every customer. We take the time to discuss your bat with you, by email, chat and phone, and we encourage you to fill out a bat sizing form to help us advise you on what will work best for you.

Our willow is all imported from England, and we select different grades for each bat in our range. We make custom make bats in all of our range, from our elite Signature to our traditional Private Bin to our mid range Heritage.

Since Laver & Wood began in 1999 we have built up a large customer base of cricketers who want a very specific bat made to their specifications. Most of our business is repeat customers, and we make a lot of replicas of bats to replace old favourites that have scored so many runs they are past their best.

If you have any questions about how we can make a bat to suit your batting style and pitch conditions please email us at

Your Cricket Bat

A cricket bat's weight, balance and length should be made to match your height, build and your personal style of play. The sweet spot should be in the part of the bat that will assist you in your batting role. The handle length, size and shape can also be customised to suit you. Feel free to ask for any adjustments to be made however trivial they may seem.

If you have an old favourite that is past its prime, send it to us or the photos and specs and we can make a perfect replica.